Academy Teams

Program Summary

Mill City FC is an educational organization, committed to providing a structured environment where our players can develop the necessary skills, passion, intelligence and experience to excel at any given level of play. We are committed to the growth and development of the players, helping them to accomplish their goals and moving them toward the level of soccer player they would like to become.

Competitive Soccer is both a time and financial commitment. When accepted on a competitive team, it must be understood that you are committed to participate in all team functions which include practices, league games, tournaments and club events.

The level of Premier Competition is higher than travel and therefore, the demands are greater.

Requirements & Commitments

Fall and Spring:

  • The Fall season will run from Mid August through Mid November. Spring season will run from late March through late May with a possibility of State Tournaments during the month of June.
  • The team will practice two times per week, and each session will last between 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • The team will play between 7 and 9 league games in each of the Fall and Spring seasons, and additional friendly games maybe scheduled.
  • The team may also play in tournaments during the soccer year. Please note that tournaments typically take place during holiday breaks (Labor Day, Thanksgiving, March, and Memorial Day).


  • The winter season runs from November through late March.
  • All players will receive futsal training which will be guided by United States Youth Futsal National Team Coach Jeff Lamy
  • The team will practice for 90 minutes once per week, for approx. 18 weeks. Practices are typically during the week, and holidays/school breaks are avoided.
  • If futsal games were not included in your "Player Package", players will have the option of signing up for games.


  • All players are invited to the Club Prep Week at Mill City Soccer Academy which will take place the week before labor day weekend (Mon - Thurs).
  • Teams may attend a summer tournament if players are available.


  • Each player needs to practice at home to constantly and consistently improve.

Training Philosophy

Mill City F.C. training schedule is a 10 months program, which is designed to accelerate overall player development. Training sessions are planned and organized ahead of time based on either the current level of the team or an analysis and evaluation of the last match. This means that each session will have a theme, and a progression will follow this theme. Our training philosophy is that practice must be game related and must have all elements of the game.

The curriculum focuses on the four aspects each player must develop: technical, tactical, physical, and physiological. Players are forced to face these considerations at every competitive opportunity, whether in training or in games.

Some of the different topics covered in the training program are:

  • Moves to beat opponent
  • 1 v 1 defense and offense
  • Settling balls out of the air
  • Accurate passing-Playing to feet and to space
  • Emphasis on moving with and without the ball
  • Finishing
  • Team shape
  • Principles of offense & defense
  • Tackling
  • Coordination and footwork